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Balancing a 9-5 while pursuing your dreams is difficult.In early 2023, I decided that I not only want to excel in my 9-5 but also explore creating a solo business that doesn't compete or conflict with my 9-5.I want each to enhance the other.What I learn about solopreneurship should help me in my 9-5 and vice versa.I'm committed to this journey, and I'm excited to share my experiences and insights with you.Join me as I navigate this path, and together, we can explore the possibilities and rewards of building a solo business that complements our professional lives.

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I'm Matt Barron

and I've sold over $47M in technology services.I'm passionate about excelling in my 9-5 while also pursuing personal dreams, like achieving Time Freedom.In early 2023, after experiencing burnout, I made significant changes in my relationship with work and decided to explore solopreneurship (thanks to inspiration from Justin Welsh).I believe that with the advancements in technology, anyone with passion, consistency, and determination can create a sustainable income as a solopreneur—a one-person business—without competing or conflicting with their 9-5.I'm on a mission to demystify and accelerate this process. It should be automated, leveraged, and non-salesy.Join my email list to benefit from my findings and insights.

Me, my wife, 4 boys and pup.

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