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Traditional corporate culture leaves little mental and physical space to live your dream life. You went to college, have a stable job and young family, but you wish you weren’t so tethered to the traditional path.You see on social media the fake online “business gurus” promising quick riches, but you’re smart enough to know it’s BS.But where do you start?I thought the same thing in early 2023 when I began to demystify solopreneurship (i.e., building a one person business).Since then, I’ve sold services and digital products that give me a glimmer of hope that I can untether from the traditional path and achieve Time Freedom.So now, I'm not stopping until I reach that reality.Join me and reap the rewards of my discoveries so you can do the same.

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I'm Matt Barron

and I've sold over $47M in technology services.I like my 9-5 but I'm also interested in achieving Time Freedom.It started in early 2023 when I burned out big time.As a result, I made some significant changes in my relationship with work.Plus I decided to explore solopreneurship (credit to Justin Welsh)I believe with the advancements in technology, that anyone with passion, consistency and determination can create sustainable income as a solopreneur (i.e., a one-person business)I'm on a mission to demystify and accelerate this process.It all boils down to posting on socials, driving people to an email list, presenting an offer and generating sales.It should be automated, leveraged and non-salesy.Join my email list to reap the benefits of my findings and start selling as a solopreneur.

Me, my wife, 4 boys and pup.

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